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Mario Kart Tournament draws huge crowds in Bradley

Don’t mind the banana peel. Another contestant just spun out at Switch It Up Gaming’s latest tournament at Northfield Square Mall in Bradley.

A crowd gathers at Switch it Up in Bradley. [Photo: Ernest Edwards]

Since opening in summer, the Lounge has been quite the hot spot hosting next-generation gaming competitions. Switch It Up’s latest tournament on Sunday drew in a crowd of over 50 spectators alone with 20 competitors as they battled it out in Nintendo’s Mario Kart. Previous competitions have included Madden and Super Smash Bros.

“Everyone wants to prove that they’re the best, and to be the best, you gotta beat the best. We’re all the greatest in the world at something until we’re not. Some of us gamers want to have fun, and tournaments are exciting and fun.” Says Switch It Up Gaming Lounge Owner Ernest Edwards.

Trophies from the Super Smash Bros tournament at Switch It Up.
[Photo: Switch It Up Gaming]

Winners of the tournaments receive custom trophies and a cash prize. Mario Kart’s winners from this past month included Lee LaMontagne who finished 3rd, Hans Vallejo who finished 2nd and Alena Stasiak who was the winner of the tournament along with a $200.00 cash prize

Edwards says Switch It Up’s next competition will be Fortnite. Entry fees for that tournament, along with registration for the next event, can be found soon on their website.

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