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Illinois EPA seals off downstate Kroger following “Improper Handling of Asbestos” 

SPRINGFIELD – Occupants of a downstate Kroger were removed from the grocery store by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Kroger, located at 201 East Bidwell Street in Taylorville, was issued a seal order for the grocery store and all dumpsters and transfer containers inside the building by EPA Director John Kim.

The building is currently under renovation and was sealed off after a complaint came to the EPA last Friday expressing concerns about demolition activities taking place inside the store.  Specifically concerning a licensed asbestos contractor removing the material improperly.

Further investigation at the site by Illinois EPA officials observed asbestos had escaped a containment area and was accessible to areas of the public.

All renovations at the site have been put on hold until a full investigation and remediation has taken place.  The Seal Order will remain in place until lifted by the Illinois EPA.

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