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KC-CASA announces Grade School Billboard Contest Winner

KC-CASA announced their Billboard Contest Winner Thursday afternoon.

As part of a campaign during the 2020 Spring semester, 4th and 5th grade students throughout Kankakee County were invited to participate in KC-CASA’s Billboard Contest.  Area students were asked to create a design to promote the services offered at KC-CASA and/or share the agency’s mission with the community.

“I created this drawing because I like what they (KC-CASA) are doing and stand for,” said 4th grader Katelyn Woodsworth, who won this year’s grand prize.  “I also want people to stand up for themselves if this is happening to them.”

KC-CASA is of course the Kankakee County Center Against Sexual Assault.  KC-CASA + ISAS helps create a world where victims of sexual harm can speak up, heal, and thrive. For more information, please call our Kankakee office at 815-932-7273 or visit www.kc-casa.org.


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