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Less than 1 out of every 5 Registered Voters came out for Kankakee Primary Election

KANKAKEE – Just 2,506 of 13,485 registered voters chose to cast a ballot in Tuesday’s 2021 Consolidated Primary Election in Kankakee for the Primaries deciding Republican and Democrat nominees for City Mayor.  

Democrats overwhelmingly showed up for the Consolidated Primary casting the majority of votes with 1874 votes cast for their candidates, while Republicans put out 606 votes of their own Tuesday.

Incumbent City Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong prevailed in her race against challenger Angela Shea, receiving 1,097 votes to retain the nomination days after accusing her challenger, Shea, of collision with Republicans for the nomination.  

On the other side of the aisle, Republicans supported 6th ward Alderman Chris Curtis to represent the party in the upcoming election over challenger J.J. Hollis. Curtis received 502 votes for the nomination.

Other decided races in this year’s primaries Tuesday included Stacy Gall for City Clerk over Lashaan R. Lott, Dave Baron for 2nd Ward Alderman over Lisa Richardson, and Kelly Johnson for 6th Ward Alderman over challenger Yaquantis Adams.

During the 2020 General Election, just three months ago, over 75% of all registered voters countywide made their voices heard, casting over 50,000 of the 67,000+ registered voters in the area.

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