Mis-Dials Overwhelming Grundy County’s 911 Center: Stay Connected, Save a Life


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GRUNDY COUNTY, Ill. – Summer is here, and with it comes a friendly reminder to be cautious with our cell phones. It’s all too easy for a simple mishap to result in an accidental call to 911. 

However, the Grundy County 911 center is facing a growing issue of mis-dials that could potentially delay emergency assistance for those in desperate need.

According to the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department, the County has seen a surge in mis-dialed emergency calls, and authorities are urging residents to exercise patience and responsibility when it happens. 

Accidental calls can tie up the emergency line, preventing others with genuine emergencies from getting through in a timely manner. Officials are emphasizing a crucial message to the public: if you accidentally dial 911, don’t hang up! 

Stay on the line and engage with the dispatcher. By doing so, you can provide the necessary information and prevent unnecessary delays in responding to real emergencies.

Every second counts in emergency situations, and the dedicated dispatchers at the Grundy County 911 center are trained to handle all types of calls, including accidental ones. Accidental calls to emergency services are not uncommon, especially with the prevalence of smartphones in our daily lives.

When outdoor activities and vacation plans increase, the risk of accidental dialing also rises. It’s important to take precautions such as locking your phone when not in use, using protective cases, or enabling keypad locks. These simple steps can significantly reduce the chances of accidentally triggering a 911 call.

So, the next time you accidentally call 911, take a deep breath, resist the urge to hang up, and have a conversation with the dispatcher. It’s a small action that can make a big difference for someone in genuine distress.

Stay safe this summer, Grundy County, and keep those pocket-dials at bay!


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