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Citadel Care Center of Kankakee reporting cases of COVID-19 among residents for first time

Citadel Care Center of Kankakee is now reporting cases of COVID-19 among it’s residents for the first time since the pandemic began.

On August 7th in a letter titled “POTENTIAL COVID-19 EXPOSURE” to residents and family members, Citadel Care Center of Kankakee announced four residents at the facility had contracted the virus.

“We know that this is very concerning for you,” the letter from Citadel Kankakee’s Administrator Jennifer Wright reads. “We are universally testing all residents and all staff members for COVID-19. We currently have four patients with positive tests and eleven staff since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Up until August 6th, no cases had been reported among residents at the facility since the pandemic began. Staff at Citadel had tested positive for the virus prior to that and families alerted months prior to residents testing positive for the disease.

Citadel Care Center of Kankakee says they’ll continue to follow CDC guidelines intended to mitigate the spread of the virus, including the use of PPE and screening all staff with temperature checks every four hours.

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