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Google search data suggest second wave is coming

Chicago region falls in at #6 in the nation for searching for results related to coronavirus testing

Google has seen a spike in search trends here in the U.S. suggesting a second COVID-19 wave is on the way. Google search data for terms related to Coronavirus have spiked in areas across the nation. 

Google Trends are a concern with easement of lockdowns across the United States and recent social injustice rallies held throughout the country due to the death of George Floyd.

Over the past seven days, the new search data stems from places like Arizona and South Carolina.  Juneau Alaska leads all search results, with Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona coming in number two and three leading the nation in information searches for Coronavirus.

Illinois cities have fallen on that list as well, with Peoria (#7), Arlington Heights (#12) and Naperville (#25) all showing up in the top cities in the United States requesting information from the search giant. 

Chicago did not fall on the general information list.

It did populate as a region searching for information on COVID-19 testing, falling in at #6 nationwide behind Juneau, AK, Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ,  Ft. Smith-Fayetteville-Springdale-Rodgers, AR, Houston, TX and Chicago, IL.

A quick look at a Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Report from June 6th for Illinois shows retail and recreational traffic remained 23 percent below baseline average while places like parks we’re up 113 percent on average this past weekend.

Nationwide, park visits were up 52 percent last weekend.

People are getting out.  What effect it will have on the numbers, we’ll know for sure soon.  Yesterday, United States passed 2 million total cases.


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