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“Pork Capital” of the Midwest will not enforce stay-at-home, face coverings during COVID-19

Pittsfield is the self-proclaimed “Pork Capital” of the Midwest with a long history of meat packing in the region.

Yet, despite the recent bad PR pork processing plants themselves have gotten during the COVID-19 crisis, the Pittsfield Police Department announced Monday they would not enforce the stay-at-home order, or face coverings mandated by the State of Illinois.

The statement, released by current Chief of Police for the City of Pittsfield Mike Starman said on Monday, “There is no clear and convincing evidence that any Pittsfield resident is currently being endangered by COVID-19.”

As of 2018, Pittsfield had a population of 4,265 residents. 

Starman did not state what facts or evidence cited his decision. Pike County has had 1 case of the Virus since the outbreak began.

Governor Pritzker’s order is set to expire roughly a month from now on May 30th. In addition to violating the Governor’s order, it goes against all current recommendation from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The Chief says he consulted with the State’s Attorney before announcing he would not enforce the order.  Chief Starman also said that doesn’t mean residents should return to normalcy. “We should still practice social distancing when we can and use a common-sense approach to combating this unprecedented situation.”

Starman concluded his statement saying it is not designed to please everyone.

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