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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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UK strain of COVID-19 discovered in Indiana

To date, no reports of the UK strain have been discovered in Illinois.

CROWN POINT – A highly contagious strain of COVID-19 has been reported in Indiana.

“This strain of the virus can be transmitted more easily,” Health Commissioner Kris Box, M.D. said Monday. “It’s more important than ever that Hoosiers continue to wear their masks, practice social distancing, maintain good hygiene and get vaccinated when they’re eligible.”

The Indiana Department of Public Health made the announcement today. The Department did not announce which county the strain turned up in. Indiana becomes one of several states that have identified the new strain here in the states, including Colorado, California, Florida and New York.

Hoosiers age 80 and up are now eligible to receive a free COVID-19 vaccine, and can book an appointment now at https://ourshot.in.gov.

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