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New tech will detect gun fire in less than 60 seconds in Kankakee

ShotSpotters, real-time gunshot detection and alert system that detects gunfire in less than 60 seconds, will soon be the latest addition to curbing gun violence in Kankakee.

The new tech will soon be installed thanks to a $48,188 grant received to the Kankakee Police Department.

The technology utilizes real-time data to detect a gunshot 24/7 with police being notified after acoustic sound censored placed throughout the community register the sound. Police are then dispatched to the area.

Some sensor webs installed by ShotSpotters as large as 300 acoustic sensors across 20 square miles of the city area. No word on how large the Kankakee network will be.

ShotSpotters says it takes less than 60 seconds for the whole process to unwind.

“Reducing gun violence is one of the highest priorities for our police department. This system will enhance our response as a force multiplier by improving both the timeliness and quality of the response. By pinpointing the precise location of gunshot incidents and by more accurately tracking geographic patterns underlying gun violence, our law enforcement resources can be deployed more effectively and more proactively,” said Police Chief Frank Kosman.

In 2013, the program detected 39,000 shootings in the District of Columbia.

“As technology advances, I am proud that we have a proactive Police Chief that is keeping up with useful tools as we continue to work toward a safer community. ShotSpotter will be a great addition in further improving public safety,” said Mayor Wells-Armstrong.

ShotSpotter is utilized in more than 100 cities nationwide.

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