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President Obama urges every Mayor to review Use of Force policies

Former President Barack Obama addressed the nation this afternoon, urging Mayors across the country to review their use of force policies.

“Today, I am urging every mayor in this country to review your ‘use of force’ policies with members of your community and commit to report on planned reforms.  What are the specific steps you can take?”

Mayors can sign up and take the pledge at Obama.org. 

Within 90 days reports will be issued on who has acted and what has been done. Organizations like Campaign Zero, Color of Change, and others work to highlight what data reforms work to reduce incidents of police misconduct and violence in communities.

“Let’s go ahead and start implementing those,” Obama said this afternoon.  “We need Mayors, County Executives and others who are in positions of power to say ‘This is a priority.’”

“Every city in this country should be a My Brother’s Keeper community. Because we have 250 cities, counties, tribal nations who are working to reduce barriers and expand opportunity for boys and young men of color, programs and policy reforms, public-private partnerships, so go to our website to get work with that, because it can make a difference.” Obama added.

My Brother’s Keeper is an initiative started by the former President to address persistent opportunity gaps faced by young people of color to reach their full potential.  The program connects with cities, towns, businesses, and foundations to assist young people  in finding work or go to college, including:

  • Getting a Healthy Start and Entering School Ready to Learn
  • Reading at Grade Level by Third Grade
  • Graduating from High School Ready for College and Career
  • Completing Postsecondary Education or Training
  • Successfully Entering the Workforce
  • Keeping Kids on Track and Giving Them Second Chances


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