Are “Dandelion Seeds” from Interstellar Probes Reaching Earth?


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CHICAGO, IL – The phrase “Dandelion Seeds” could become a new hot phrase among UFO enthusiasts.

Scientists at Harvard University, with the help of the Department of Defense’s All-domain, Anomaly Resolution Office, have been investigating the possibility of interstellar objects releasing tiny probes called “dandelion seeds” during a close pass by Earth. 

According to the yet to be peer reviewed paper, probes could use starlight and liquid water as fuel to explore habitable planets in our galaxy. 

The work was supported in part by the Galileo Project at Harvard University, which aims to search for potential extraterrestrial technological artifacts and to investigate any anomalous phenomena in our skies.

According to the paper, the idea of dandelion seed probes came about after the discovery of the interstellar object ‘Oumuamua in 2017, which had an unusual flat shape and lacked a cometary tail, leading some to suggest it could be an artificial object. Similarly, the rocket booster 2020 SO also exhibited artificial behavior. 

The scientists hypothesized that if an artificial interstellar object were to pass by Earth, it could release these small probes, much like NASA’s missions.

The probes could then be detected by radar and even seen with optical telescopes as they get closer to Earth. While interstellar objects are rare, these dandelion seeds could potentially explore billions of habitable planets around Sun-like stars in less than a billion years, using self-replication and machine learning to adapt to new environments.

It’s important to note that this is all still hypothetical, but the possibility of using dandelion seed probes to explore our galaxy is an exciting prospect for scientists and space enthusiasts alike.


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