Arkansas Tornado: Reflecting on the 1968 Storm in Baxter and Fulton Counties


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Little Rock, AR – Today marks the 56th anniversary of a significant tornado that struck Baxter and Fulton counties in Arkansas. On June 24, 1968, an F2 tornado carved a destructive path from southeast of Norfork to around Gepp, causing widespread damage and injuring two people.

According to the National Weather Service in Little Rock, the tornado wreaked havoc in the Galatia community southeast of Norfork. Trees were uprooted, boat docks were demolished, and barns were leveled as the storm tore through the area. The Baxter Bulletin reported that the injuries occurred when the tornado struck a home in Galatia, highlighting the storm’s intensity and the vulnerability of rural communities during severe weather events.

The 1968 tornado remains a poignant reminder of the power of nature and the importance of preparedness. In the years since, advances in weather forecasting and emergency response have significantly improved, yet the memories of past storms continue to shape the region’s approach to severe weather.

Local residents and historians commemorate this day, reflecting on the resilience of the affected communities and the efforts to rebuild in the aftermath. The anniversary serves as a moment to honor the strength and solidarity of those who lived through the storm and to acknowledge the ongoing commitment to improving weather safety and awareness.


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