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Fraudsters impersonating Sheriffs reported in Lake County

CROWN POINT – The Lake County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents Monday of fraudsters attempting to reportedly scam residents by using cloned phone numbers belonging to the Sheriff’s Department.

“They have lied to residents advising them that arrest warrants have been issued in their names.  The subjects tell residents that in order to stop an impending arrest, the resident must withdraw up to $5,000 in cash from their bank accounts.  The subjects then have instructed the residents to meet the “officer” at a location such as a drug store parking lot so that the cash can be given to the subjects committing the fraud and the “warrants” can be withdrawn.” Lake County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement Monday.

The Sheriff’s Department advises at no time would any officer instruct a member of the public to withdraw funds or meet them in such a remote location for any reason.

If you are currently in contact with any such subject, or would like to report a lead on the case, contact the Criminal Investigations Division of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department at 219-755-3346.

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