Illinois Tollway Scam Resurfaces: What Drivers Need to Know


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Palos Park, IL – A recurring scam has resurfaced, once again targeting Illinois drivers and their wallets. Late Thursday and early Friday, it appears that scam texts were sent to many people, including several Palos Park Police Department cell phones.

According to the Palos Park Police Department, unsuspecting motorists across the state have been receiving text messages claiming to be from the Illinois Tollway. These messages warn of outstanding toll fees and threaten penalties if immediate payment isn’t made. In reality, these texts are nothing but a ruse designed to steal personal information and money.

This scam, which first emerged last year, has made a reappearance. It is particularly devious, preying on people’s fears of financial consequences if they ignore what appears to be an urgent notification. The texts include convincing details like specific dollar amounts and due dates, making them seem credible.

Understanding how this scam works can help drivers in Illinois avoid becoming the next victim. The Palos Park Police Department advises residents to ignore these messages and not to click on any links provided. Instead, contact the Illinois Tollway directly if you have any concerns about your account.

Motorists should remain vigilant and report any susp


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