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Kinzinger Against Removing U.S. Forces from Germany

WASHINGTON, DC – Following reports that President Trump ordered the removal of thousands of American troops from Germany, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) warned against such a decision with the following statement:

“Alliances matter, and the President’s decisions to withdraw U.S. forces from Germany would not only fracture our relationships with Germany and our NATO allies, it would also pose a serious risk to our own national security. We may have disagreements with our allies, especially Germany’s decision to let Russia continue their Nord Stream 2 project, but removing our troops and reducing our presence on the ground only makes it more difficult to address those issues and come to a resolution.

“We cannot come to the table from a position of strength if we give away our seat in the first place. An isolationist foreign policy is not the American way, nor should it ever be. We have an important role to play on the world stage, and to retreat like this now when we face threats from bad actors in China, Russia, and Iran would be irresponsible, and carry grave and lasting consequences.

“Our troops stationed abroad serve a critical role, and they truly represent the greatness of our country, like living symbols of our democracy and strength. America’s role in the world is to serve as that beacon of hope for others. We do not cower and hide—we lead boldly on the forefront, protecting and defending freedom-loving people and the values we all hold dear.”

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