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Man bites Doctor, Cop after an altercation with neighbor on Thanksgiving Day

JOLIET – A Joliet man resisting arrest on Thanksgiving continued to cause more trouble for both doctors and officers treating and booking him later on last night.

According to police, officers received a disturbance call late last night around 11 pm in the 300 block of South Raynor Avenue. Officers found 39-year-old Love Lee Walker Jr of Joliet was involved in a verbal altercation with a neighbor. Police say Walker had walked towards his neighbors in an aggressive manner before attempting to re-enter his home. Walker tried to push his way past Police to get back into his home when police attempted to place the man into custody.

It was then Walker reportedly attempted to place one officer into a headlock before another officer arriving on the scene saw the incident unfolding and deployed a taser on Walker, who was then placed into custody on multiple charges. Joliet Fire soon arrived and transported Walker to AMITA St. Joseph Medical Center for treatment.

Later at St. Joseph, Police say Walker bit the hand of an emergency room doctor, causing a serious injury. After his release, police report Walker continued to be non-compliant and belligerent towards officers, refusing to enter a squad car. While still inside the hospital, Walker allegedly bit another person, this time an officer, on the leg, causing a minor injury.

Walker has since been arrested, booked, and transported to the Will County Jail on multiple charges including three charges of Aggravated Battery to a Peace Officer, Resisting a Peace Officer, Obstructing a Police Officer, and Obstructing Justice.

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