National Pet Safety: Essential Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Fourth of July


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Chicago, IL – As Independence Day approaches, pet safety becomes a paramount concern. More pets get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year, according to HomeAgain. Ensuring the well-being of your furry friends during this festive time is crucial.

According to Petfinder, keeping pets safe on the Fourth of July involves several important steps. First, ensure your dog is wearing an up-to-date and visible ID tag on their collar at all times. This simple measure can significantly increase the chances of being reunited if they get lost.

Additionally, taking a current photo of your dog is recommended. Should your pet go missing, having a recent picture can aid in search efforts. Exercising your dog early in the day before parties begin can also help, as a tired dog is less likely to become anxious.

Petfinder advises keeping charcoal, fireworks, sparklers, and glow sticks far from curious canines. These items can be harmful or even deadly if ingested. During cookouts, ask guests to play with your dog away from the flames to avoid accidents.

Keep dog treats on hand for guests who may want to give your dog food. Leave your dog at home with a frozen stuffed treat during fireworks, as the loud noises can be frightening. Playing gentle music can also help drown out the noise and keep your pet calm.

Following these tips can help ensure a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July for both you and your pet. For more information, visit Petfinder Summer Pet Safety.


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