New Mexico Man Sentenced for Indiana and Oklahoma SWATTING Hoaxes


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Westfield, IN – An Indiana man has been sentenced to seven years in prison following a string of SWATTING hoax calls that triggered multiple police responses. James Thomas Andrew McCarty, 21, of Kayenta, New Mexico, pleaded guilty to charges in two separate indictments involving these incidents.

According to the Department of Justice, McCarty’s hoaxes included calls to high schools in Indiana and Oklahoma. Using stolen identities, he falsely claimed to be a student armed with weapons, prompting urgent SWAT responses. McCarty also made false bomb threats and misleading emergency calls in several other states.

The investigation, led by the FBI and supported by multiple police departments, including Westfield Police, highlighted the importance of interagency cooperation. Authorities praised the relentless dedication of law enforcement in bringing McCarty to justice.


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