Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin on Alert for Severe Storms Tonight


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Duluth, MN – Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin are facing a significant severe weather threat this afternoon and tonight. The US National Weather Service Duluth issued a “boom or bust” severe storm warning, indicating a highly conditional setup dependent on several weather factors aligning correctly.

According to the National Weather Service, potential hazards include damaging winds around 75 mph, large hail approximately 2 inches in diameter, and a few tornadoes in northern Minnesota. While some heavy rain is possible, a prolonged period of extreme rainfall rates is not expected.

The “boom or bust” scenario suggests all the necessary ingredients for severe weather are present but highly uncertain in their formation. The region could experience isolated storms, multiple medium-sized storm clusters, or even a large derecho complex. Alternatively, conditions might not come together, resulting in minimal storm activity.

Residents in affected areas are advised to stay alert and monitor weather updates. The potential for severe weather underscores the importance of preparedness, ensuring safety measures are in place as the situation develops. The National Weather Service continues to provide updates and advisories to keep the public informed of any changes.


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