3 Winds Farm




We are a small family farm in Manteno, IL. We raise heritage breed pork and grow produce and herbs for sale to the local community and restaurants from Kankakee to Chicagoland area. Our Hungarian Mangalitsa pigs forage in our pasture and are fed spent grains from our local brewery, and local acorns and walnuts.

We use zero chemicals and manage our pigs and produce naturally. We offer a weekly CSA veggie and herb package and sell at the Kankakee Farmer’s Market on Saturdays during market season. Orders may also be placed directly with the farm.

We offer whole hog, half hog, and retail packaged cuts of our delicious heritage Mangalitsa pork.

“Different Kind of Post Tonight! Home made from the Local Farm! Pork Shoulder with an unusual Meat Rub! Always good quality food from these guys. From their farm to your table!”

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