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“Don’t make us write obituaries,” Notre Dame paper asks as 408 COVID-19 now on campus

University of Notre Dame officials say if efforts don't work to contain the virus, they will change to remote learning for the fall semester

SOUTH BEND – Cases at the University of Notre Dame continue to climb. The school is now reporting 408 cases of the virus among students and staff since August 3rd.

Last week, the University transitioned to remote learning for two weeks in an effort to contain the virus.

On Friday, students at the University of Notre Dame published an editorial titled “Don’t make us write obituaries,” which cited ‘flaws in testing, contact tracing and isolation and quarantine accommodations have since proven inefficient’ on campus.

“The blame for this does not lie with just one party. We — as students, faculty, staff and administrators — need to share responsibility for the outbreak on our hands.” the editorial states.

You can read the full piece here.

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