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Gibson City Police Department says ‘NO’ to misdemeanor arrests in pandemic

The Gibson City Police Department announced earlier this morning the Department will not make any criminal misdemeanor arrests of individuals or business in violation of temporary rules or Executive Orders.

“The Gibson City Police Department is neither encouraging or discouraging our business or churches currently affected by the Executive Orders to remain closed or open for business.  No individuals will be arrested or taken to jail for violation of the Executive Orders or emergency rules.  We encourage all citizens to do their part in maintaining public health and safety.” the Department said this morning in a press release.

Gov. Pritzker said this week the new misdemeanor is a “lighter enforcement mechanism” against business owners than having a business ordered shut or having any business license suspended.

Under the law, a Class A misdemeanor would carry a fine of $75 to $2,500 and up to 364 days in jail.

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