Aurora University Hosts ‘Beyond the Visible’: A Fusion of Art and Science


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Aurora, IL – – The Schingoethe Center of Aurora University became a melting pot of artistic innovation and scientific exploration with the opening of “Beyond the Visible” on Tuesday. The unique exhibit, which welcomes the public until May 10 at 1315 Prairie St. in Aurora, offers free admission, inviting viewers to delve into the harmonious blend of art and science.

As detailed by the exhibition organizers, “Beyond the Visible” is not just an art show; it’s a multidisciplinary journey. The display features an array of media – from prints and sculptures to digital installations and VR experiences. Each piece is a testament to the collaboration between artists and scientists from the Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia. This partnership, fostered by the Fermi Research Alliance, aims to spark dialogue and bring a new perspective to the forefront of scientific inquiry and artistic expression.

The exhibit kicked off with insightful micro talks from Fermilab historian Valerie Higgins and Chicago-based artist Richard Mondragon. The event also included the world premiere of “Quantum Field” by Roger Zare, performed by pianist Marianne Parker, adding a musical dimension to the evening.

Curators Natasha Ritsma and Georgia Schwender have meticulously selected works that not only showcase artistic talent but also reflect the complex concepts of particle and quantum physics. Artists like Patrick Gallagher, Mare Hirsch, and Ellen Sandor, who have engaged with Fermilab’s research, bring forward pieces that are visually stunning and intellectually engaging.

Fermilab’s commitment to solving the mysteries of the universe provides a deep well of inspiration for these artists. The exhibit embodies the sentiment expressed by artist M.C. Escher about the convergence of art and science. “Beyond the Visible” at Aurora University’s Schingoethe Center is more than just an exhibition; it’s a portal to a world where art and science coexist in exquisite harmony.


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