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Brewery, Restaurant shut down after COVID-19 positive among employees in Plainfield

Two popular Plainfield restaurants have closed their doors temporarily following an employee at each location testing positive for COVID-19. The announcement was made by Werk Force Brewing and Sovereign in Plainfield via social media earlier this week.

“As soon as we found out we cut off all sales and immediately closed the taproom.” Werk Force said in a statement earlier this week.  The brewery said the employee last worked on Sunday, July 5th and was asymptomatic.

“We feel the chance of transmission is low but it is our moral obligation to be upfront and clear with anyone that may have come into contact with them.” Werk Force said in the statement.  “We are requiring all of our staff to obtain COVID-19 tests and we will remain closed until further notice.”

Sovereign announced they would be closed earlier this week after an employee tested positive that last worked July 3rd through at least yesterday at 5pm.  At the time of writing, no indication was made by the restaurant they had reopened their doors. In a social media post, Sovereign said they would not reopen until all employees had been tested positive and the restaurant had been cleaned and sanitized.

“These are crazy crazy times, and we cannot thank each and every one of you for sticking with us through this. Our fans are the best, and we will always appreciate you. Please please please… stay safe, stay healthy, and stay tuned here on our FB page for all updates.” Sovereign staff wrote in a post.

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