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Mob Action, Attempted Murder among charges in TJ Donlins shooting

BOURBONNAIS – Four people were arrested early Sunday after a shooting in the parking lot of TJ Donlin’s left one person in the hospital.

According to Bourbonnais Police, it happened early Sunday around 2 am when an unnamed victim was shot multiple times and sent to an area hospital for treatment.

Kankakee Police later detained multiple suspects that were later arrested, including 22-year-old Dajuan L. Smith, 24-year-old Dajon M. Smith and 21-year-old Kiley M. Mullady all from Bradley on charges of alleged mob action.

Police also arrested 22-year-old Isacc L. Smith of Kankakee was arrested on alleged mob action, attempted murder, and other firearms charges.

All four are being held at Jerome Combs Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing.

The shooting remains under investigation.

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