Policies and Standards

Mission Statement:

Country Herald was founded in 2018 and abides by a set of five principles every writer in our organization must follow:

  1. Be responsive and report to the public, for the public.
  2. Report and share the truth, as truth dictates, supported by facts that can be sourced and cited effortlessly. 
  3. Adhere to all demographics. We don’t write up for the wise or down for the wicked. All ages and ethnicities are equally cited and supported by the facts.

Our duty is to make links that are sourced, shared, and allies of the public. 

  1. We are not in the business of airing grudges, promotes others’ political gains, or using cheap clickbait tactics to harvest viewership.  
  2. We follow stories as they develop. A story is never complete until it is.  

Ethics policy

The ethics of the newsroom is responsible for overseeing the interests and intentions of how stories are developed and subsequently delivered. Stories that appear to conflict with ongoing interests to the public shall be stopped and not allowed to divert from the greater talking point. While situations may arise, they shall be reviewed and sway only to that of the situation of ethical merit. Our stories are delivered as sourced and are not influenced by political or other business means. Advertisers support our publication and we deliver on that trust. We accept no gifts, no trips, no preferential treatment that could sway the lean of a participial piece or feature of any size. Exceptions to that include meals that are obtained innocently by invitation but are not regularly repeated offenses. We will not accept payment from any organization of any size to take a hard-line stand on any one issue. We do not offer our morals for sale and will not sway from the founders’ Mission Statement. We will offer political recommendations, only after an editorial meeting unanimously feels it worthy of the organization. Other publications are allowed to be printed, but their personal values do not fall on the heels of Country Herald and it’s editorial or writer staff.

Our writers are allowed to be people and hold their own political and personal beliefs, but those beliefs are not, without op-ed approval, allowed to influence their writings or be allowed to discredit or be used against the organization.

Family members are not allowed to cover other family members for the purposes of link building as it would compromise the integrity of Country Herald.

Standards and Corrections

Fairness is a universal standard that both parties involved in any story can easily understand. The two sides of the same coin. Respect the coin and polish both sides to keep true. We do not deceive, we do not offer false hope, we do not bend the needle to sway readership. Dignity finds itself only in the eye of the reader.

Corrections shall be published if an individual or business is misquoted or represented by our organization. We are not in the business of destroying anyone’s reputation and for this must hold ourselves credible to allowing the voice of all to be expressed correctly, or not at all if the party shall choose.

Opinion:  Opinions/blogs expressed are the point of view of the writer and writer alone. They do not express the beliefs of the organization or our staff. Any opinion is asked to focus on factual cited information that can follow a flowing articulated commentary when read.