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25% of Kankakee County Cases now stem from Shapiro Developmental Center

A quarter of all cases of COVID-19 in Kankakee County now stem directly from Shapiro Developmental Center in Kankakee. There are now 47 cases in the County, including a teen and child that tested positive earlier today.

As reported on Monday by Country Herald, the facility reported over the weekend 44 individuals at the facility showing signs of COVID-19.  Since then, the number of confirmed cases coming out of the facility for the mentally disabled has grown to 12, including six residents and six staffers including reports of one resident being forced to defecate in a bag following his COVID-19 results.

That number has grown since Country Herald first reported the story on Monday as test results continue to come in.  Staff members reached out over the weekend telling us they felt ‘threatened and scared’ at the policies Administration at Shapiro had put into place. 

You can read the first report here, including allegations Shapiro employees were told the Facility would ‘write up’ employees for wearing PPE while on duty.

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