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As temperatures cool, stink bugs will seek shelter in homes

(The Center Square) – It’s that time of year across Illinois when the brown marmorated stink bug tries to invade homes across the state.

The stink bug has been a nuisance for many Illinois homeowners who have had their homes infested with the foul-smelling insects.

The brown marmorated stink bugs get their name from the putrid smell they release. they are around all year round but will seek shelter in the winter months in people’s homes or garages.

Christopher Baumann, branch manager for Schopen Pest Solutions in McHenry, offered some tips on how Illinois homeowners can keep these pests at bay.

“Exclusion is the best way to keep them out of your home,” Baumann said. “Making sure your home is tightly sealed with screens that are in good repair, making sure your thresholds are good is key.”

While there are many steps one can take to try and prevent the stink bug from entering the home, some will still find a way inside. Baumann offered some ways to remove these bugs from your home if they do make it inside.

“It is not always possible to keep them from homes,” Baumann said. “If you do see them try to remove them by hand or by using a box, water and dish soap will also help to kill the bugs.”

Calling a local pest company could also help keep the bugs away as they will come spray the outside of your house with pesticides to deter the bug from entering.

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