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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Bourbonnais man killed in shooting, 8-year-old hurt

Kankakee police report they are searching for a gray Nissan sedan involved in the shooting.

BOURBONNAIS – A Bourbonnais man is dead after he was shot while in his parked car in the 1300 block of West Station Street in Kankakee.

It happened shortly before 2 pm Friday when 32-year-old Patrick Chism of Bourbonnais was shot while in his car. Kankakee police reported an 8-year-old also in the car had been shot as well. Victims were transported to an area hospital where Chism later succumbed to his injuries. Police report the 8-year-old’s injuries were not believed to be life threatening at this time.

Officers are looking for additional information on the shooter, reported to be in a gray Nissan sedan that shot at the car while it was parked on Station Street. Anyone with information is requested to contact the Kankakee Police Department at 815-933-3321.    

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