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Circuit Candidate Scott says COVID response at Kankakee Courthouse ‘completely irresponsible’

Cianci alerted residents to a positive case at the courthouse late Tuesday night

KANKAKEE – Early Tuesday afternoon, Nicole Scott, a Libertarian running for the Circuit Clerk in Kankakee, warned residents of a COVID-19 infection at the Kankakee County Courthouse.  The warning came through her Facebook Page.  

“Please be careful if you have to go to the courthouse. An employee has tested positive for COVID and two people reported feeling sick yesterday,” Scott said in a post Tuesday afternoon.

That report was confirmed by the Circuit Clerk late Tuesday night.

“The employees stayed at work,” Scott said Tuesday, warning residents of conditions at the Courthouse.  “No one in the office is being tested.  They do not have a contingency plan in place and everyone was told it is business as usual.”

Circuit Clerk Sandra M Cianci, who confirmed the case, reported a clerk at the Courthouse had tested positive for the virus.

“A clerk in the traffic division of the Circuit Clerk’s office has tested positive for (COVID-19),” Cianci announced late Tuesday night in a statement, hours after Scott’s initial warning to residents.  “We have requested the traffic clerks quarantine at home through November 9, 2020.”

Cianci did not say how many traffic clerks are now in quarantine. 

“People visiting the courthouse do not have a choice to be there or not so this is just completely irresponsible and dangerous to the vulnerable people in our community,” Scott said Tuesday.

Traffic services will, however, continue in Kankakee.

“Traffic services will be handled in the Circuit Clerk’s main office in room 209 of the Kankakee County Courthouse,” Cianci said in a statement. “Traffic Court will maintain their regular court call in courtrooms 109 and 200.”

Kankakee County Circuit Clerk Sandra Cianci (Republican) will be challenged by Nicole Scott (Libertarian) and Dondi Maricle (Democrat) for the Circuit Clerk’s seat, November 3rd.

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