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Monday, July 4, 2022

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Deaths up 9% from 2019, 51 from COVID Kankakee Coroner says

Kankakee County Coroner announced this afternoon annual deaths in the County are up this year 9% with an additional 61 year to date from 2019.

“51 of these deaths have been from COVID-19. A death is considered Covid-19 related when the primary care physician or coroner includes Covid-19 as the cause of death or a contributing condition to the death on the death certificate.” the Coroner said in a statement.

The Coroner has signed four certificates to date related to COVID-19. Physicians have signed 47 such certificates.

“In Kankakee County, all COVID-19 deaths have been considered a natural death. No COVID-19 deaths have been determined to be from an accident, suicide, or homicide.” The Coroner said Sunday afternoon.

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