Facebook deactivates Kankakee County Coroner’s Page during pandemic


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UPDATE: The page has since been restored.

Facebook has deactivated the Kankakee County Coroner’s Page.

“This action came with no warning, notification, or explanation from Facebook officials.” Kankakee County Coroner Bob Gessner said in a statement Wednesday morning.

The page has regularly shared COVID-19 death information with the Kankakee Community throughout the pandemic. The Coroner office has filed an appeal with Facebook, which could take a day or two to resolve.

“It is disheartening that in the middle of a global health pandemic, Facebook has removed our page which has been a source of honest and truthful information over the past several months.  As an elected official and leader within our country it is my duty to enhance community partnerships and educate throughout the country to provide awareness to issues such as COVID-19.” Gessner said Wednesday.

The page was first created in 2015 and has had nearly a quarter of a million interactions since March 2020.

“My staff and I have worked hard over the years to building the Office of Coroner to one known for professionalism, integrity, and honestly and we will not let the actions of Facebook officials changed that.” Gessner explained.

Among some of the most common reasons a Facebook page could be removed include not having admins with authentic profiles, going against community standards, a misleading page name, or posting content that may mislead people who follow it.


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