Chicago Woman Apprehended in Alleged “Felony Lane Gang” Fraud Scheme


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GRUNDY COUNTY, IL – Lynn M. Sabatine, a 36-year-old Chicago resident, was successfully apprehended in Grundy County Thursday afternoon, marking a significant breakthrough in the fight against the notorious criminal syndicate known as the “Felony Lane Gang.”

Local law enforcement, specifically the Grundy County Sheriff’s Police and Coal City Police Department, responded swiftly to reports of a fraudulent scheme at Busey Bank in Diamond, IL. Armed with a counterfeit driver’s license, Sabatine attempted to withdraw a substantial sum of money. However, the vigilant bank staff promptly alerted the authorities, thwarting the audacious plan.

As chaos ensued, a driver at the scene managed to evade a Coal City officer on I-55 and evade capture. Nevertheless, Lynn M. Sabatine was later taken into custody after reportedly confessed to her involvement in the plot, which aimed to withdraw an astounding $50,000 from the unidentified victim’s account.

Sabatine now finds herself incarcerated at the Grundy County Jail, facing serious charges that include alleged Attempted Identity Theft and Possession of a Fraudulent Driver’s License, both classified as felonies.

The “Felony Lane Gang,” notorious for their criminal activities. Their distinctive name originates from their preferred method of operation, wherein they utilize the drive-through lane farthest from surveillance cameras during bank heists.

Operating nationwide within the United States, the gang recruits individuals facing desperate circumstances, including drug addicts, to carry out smash-and-grab thefts from parked cars. Their main objective is to acquire personal identification documents, exploiting them to cash fraudulent checks while assuming the stolen identities of their victims. Mothers frequenting locations such as daycares, fitness centers, and outdoor recreation areas often fall victim to their schemes.

Gang members often receive drugs as payment from their superiors and employ tactics like removing or obscuring their license plates to avoid detection by surveillance systems and potential eyewitnesses.

The apprehension of Lynn M. Sabatine demonstrates the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies in dismantling organized crime and ensuring the safety of the community.

While investigations continue, authorities urge Illinois residents to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activities, ensuring the security and well-being of the entire state.


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