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How to Report a Street Light Outage: Wooden Poles and Metal Poles

KANKAKEE – Dark streets have been a common area of interest regarding feedback on what residents would like to see improve in the City of Kankakee. The City’s Environmental Service Utility (ESU) is reminding residents how to self-report.

ComEd has a helpful tool which shows if a street light has already been reported with a time and date, as well as, the order number. When the light is fixed by ComEd, the light icon on the map will transition from red to green. If the light is out, but not shown on the ComEd map, there is an option to still report the light by clicking in the approximate location of the light to request a repair.

To report a street light on a wooden pole, head to ComEd’s website here: https://comed.streetlightoutages.com/public/default.html.

Please take note that anything on a metal pole can be handled by the City’s electricians. You can report these by emailing support@citykankakee-il.gov.

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