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Joliet Diocese Bell damaged, suspects caused ‘at least $10k’ damage

CREST HILL – Local officials are in search of adults that allegedly caused ‘at least $10,000’ in damage to a bell on the grounds of the Joliet Catholic Diocese.

According to Diocese of Joliet, the bell was originally featured at St. Mary Carmelite on Ottawa Street in Joliet before being moved to the entrance of the Blanchette Catholic Center in Crest Hill.  It was originally purchased in 1882 for $1,645 and installed on a 202-foot tall bell tower.

[Photo: City of Crest Hill]

The bell itself weighs over 6,000 pounds.  By inflation standards, the same bell today cost over $50,000.

[Photo: City of Crest Hill]

The City of Crest Hill is asking anyone with information on the damaged the bell is asked to contact Det. Sweeney at csweeney@cityofcresthill.com, or call 815-741-5115.

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