Kankakee County given “C-” by Social Distancing Scoreboard


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Unacast, a company that does deep dives into analytical data through GPS tracking, has started a “Social Distancing Scoreboard” that grades individual areas on how well they combine non-essential visits with average mobility standards.

Kankakee County is currently squeaking by with a “C-“ grade, given by Unacast. The chart was last updated Apr 7th at 2 pm. A 25-40% decrease in Kankakee County in average mobility was shown with a decrease of roughly 60 – 65% on total non-essential visits.  

Unacast says those rankings are combined with new cases combined that note top headlines for the day of the results. A full chart can be found on their website.

Neighboring Will County received a “D” grade due to only a 25 – 40% decrease in average mobility with just a 55 – 60% Decrease in Non-Essential Visits, while Iroquois County received a “D-“ with only a 25 – 40% decrease in average mobility, and a stunning less than 55% decrease in non-essential visits, which brought the overall score for the county down considerably.  

Any non-essential visits below 55% are judged as an “F”.

Some of the best grades in Illinois came from Cook County which received a “B-“ with a drop in mobility of 40 – 55% and a 65 – 70% decrease in non-essential visits. Champaign County ranked high on the chart receiving a “B-” as well, doing considerably excellent with their 70% decrease on non-essential visits which would rank “A” or better on the company’s scale, but had a shocking decrease in average mobility of only 25 – 40%, which brought them down overall.

Unacast’s grades per county will continue to change in the coming weeks.

 For the latest, visit the chart here.


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