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Kankakee County residents continue to dump goods at closed thrift store

Salvation Army representatives have a message for residents in Kankakee County: The thrift store is closed.

It’s not breaking news. 

The former Salvation Army Thrift Store announced in February before the outbreak of COVID-19 it would no longer accept donations as of March 14th. The store ended up closing earlier than expected due to the pandemic on April 1st. 

“This has got to stop. Please don’t bring your belongings here; at this point, it’s only causing harm. And please help spread the word. Take your things to Goodwill if you want to donate them somewhere. Otherwise, dump them in your own trash- not ours,” said Pastor Makayla from The Salvation Army in a Facebook post Monday morning.

All store imaging and signs at the location at 1300 Locke Drive across from Steak & Shake in Bradley have been removed for months.

“We’ve been closed and our signs have been down for months. This is now just stuff that has to be thrown into the dumpster. We have no help to move all of these things into the dumpster today, yet it has to be done. And having to continually pay to have this dumpster emptied takes away money that could be used elsewhere to aid the community,” said Pastor Makayla.

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