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47 symptomatic, 13 positive COVID-19 at Shapiro in Kankakee

'The health and safety of you and our residents is our highest priority.' Director says

Four additional individuals connected with Shapiro have tested positive for COVID-19 since Saturday, including seven staff members and six residents. Shapiro Developmental Center released that information in a letter to employees on Wednesday updating them on the COVID-19 situation at the facility. 

This news comes in the second formal update workers have received since COVID-19 broke out at Shapiro. Reports of COVID-19 cases at Shapiro first arose last week after Shapiro Center Director Gund told reporters employees had been informed of the cases earlier that morning of Friday, March 27th.

“Shapiro is currently supporting 6 residents that have tested positive via the COVID-19 testing process.” Gund said in the letter to employees, “There are 7 Shapiro employees who have tested positive via the COVID-19 testing process and are currently off work and coordination their isolation with care and their medical providers.”

“There are 47 residents being supported in isolation from others due to potential COVID-19 symptoms,” Gund added, saying both positive COVID-19 cases and symptomatic residents are now in isolation at the facility.  Units 415A, 805B, 813A, and 813B now support COVID-19 cases.  Those are additional to the first units reported on Saturday, including: 514B, 201A, 201B, 100B, 318, 415B, 704A, 704B, 805A, and 411.

Last Saturday, Shapiro staff were sent a letter indicating they would be required to wear a surgical mask the entire time while at work for 14 days.

“Little too late,” a Mental Health Technician at the facility told Country Herald last Monday morning. “We are just so scared on catching this. We just need something more to be done.” 

On Thursday, dozens of nurses walked off the job at Brighton Rehab and Wellness Center in Western Pennsylvania after a similar situation broke out involving 36 elderly residents and six healthcare workers at the nursing home tested positive for COVID-19.

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