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COVID-19: No new recoveries in Kankakee since Friday

73 recoveries maintained since last Friday, with 332 total cases in the County

Kankakee County Health Department Officials announced Sunday afternoon two new cases of COVID-19 within the County limits.

Those new cases included a male and female in their 40s.  There are now 332 COVID-19 cases across the County, including 73 that have recovered.  Recovery numbers have gone unchanged since Friday.

No new deaths were reported for the second day in a row in Kankakee County.  An increase in case counts were reported by IDPH in Kankakee, Bourbonnais, Momence, Pembroke on Sunday.

Here’s how cases break down across Kankakee County via confirmed Zip Codes as of Thursday afternoon:

  • 16 Cases (Manteno) 8.7% TTDP
  • 53 Cases (Bourbonnais) 12.9% TTDP
  • 18 Cases (Bradley) 10% TTDP
  • 180 Cases (Kankakee) 23.3% TTDP
  • 9 Cases (St. Anne) 13.4% TTDP
  • 10 Cases (Momence) 12.8% TTDP
  • 8 Cases (Pembroke) 20% TTDP

*TTDP (Tested to Date Positive)

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