Local National Guard Deployed To Afghanastan


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Nearly 400 family members and friends were on hand for the deployment of Illinois Army National Guard Unit Charlie Company 1-178 Infantry Battalion, in Kankakee yesterday.  The unit is scheduled for a 9-month assignment to Afghanistan.  Among those in attendance were Kankakee Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong and State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst.

Kankakee Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong  with members of the Illinois National Guard (Photo: Kankakee Fire Department via Facebook)

Members of C-CO 1-178 IN 33 IBCT “CHAOS” Company:

Command: CPT Chadwick W Buckner, Company Commander, 1SG Jeremy L. Wiggs, First Sargent, 1LT Benjamin J Kilingberg, Executive Officer

1st Platoon Members: 2LT, Robert L. Walton, Platoon Leader, SFC Anthony P. Henner, Platoon Sergeant, SSG Kyle W Fowler, SSG Joshua L. Habisch, SSG Korey A. Roderick, SGT Francis E. Boglioli, SGT Christopher J. Birmingham, SGT Paul D. Devore Jr., Sgt Jacob J. Martin, SGT Scott C. Otto, SGT Joshua C. Schneider, SGT Ryan P. Suggs, SGT James R. Urquiza, SPC Thomas J. Treslo, SPC Kenton M. Beisher, SPC Nickolas P. Nolte, SPC Diego A. Barrera, SPC Robert J. Peplowski, SPC Caleb J. Meyer, SPC Jonathan Santiago, SPC Miguel A. Guerrero, SPC Alex L. Jackson, SPC Hector Alvarez Jr., SPC Sean E. Lawinger, SPC Daniel S. Smith, SPC Milove C. Thomas Jr., SPC Lewis A. Ramos, PFC Armando Martinez.

2nd Platoon Members: 1LT Nelson B. Colleet, Platoon Leader, SFC Devin M. Waterstradt, Platoon Sergeant, SSG William J. Robison, SGT John M Cook, SGT Omar Vazquez, SGT Michael G Boege, SGT Brendan T Carney, SGT Terry R Stephens, SGT Sean W. Ward, CPL Sebastian Rivera, CPL Jose Obispo, SPC James A. Camisa, SPC William R. Kendall, SPC Ronald E. Bennett, SPC Miguel A. Barrientos, SPC Fredrick D. Yates, SPC Justin C. Kuhlman, SPC Esai A. Rios, SPC Logan T. Arseneau, SPC Brian M. Drenzek, SPC Travis A. Kibbons, SPC Benjamin Comas, SPC Saul Puga, PFC Sawyer M. Vanhoveln, PFC Alexander S. Noack, PVT Zachary M. Smith.

The unit is scheduled for no more than 400 days overseas.


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