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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Manteno waves $35,000+ in liquor, gaming fees; approves new Village Sign

Last night’s Village of Manteno Board meeting marked the first time residents we’re allowed to actively participate remotely via Zoom, while the Village Board continues to meet at Village Hall.

The opportunity to participate in future Village of Manteno meetings will continue to present itself, attached inside the Agenda on the Village’s website throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Village announced Monday had waved a total of $35,670 in liquor, gaming and amusement license fees for local area businesses. A motion to approve the waving of liquor and gaming fees came on April 6th. “Even without the fees, all the license holders had to come in and fill out the proper paperwork, file the proper insurance and that has been done.” Mayor Timothy Nugent said during the meeting.

Manteno also awarded a contract to FASTSIGNS to replace the Village of Manteno sign for a cost of $47,438.52. “I know we’re going to hear money’s tight and we’re going to be watching it,” said Chairman of Finance Committee Joel Gesky said. “The sign, although it appears to be functioning properly now, when it overheats, or as the temperatures start to increase, it’s shorting out. Now’s the opportunity for us to replace it.”

Manteno Village Administrator Chris LaRocque added the Village had been ‘limping on it’ throughout this past winter. “The sign is at the age where the parts are no longer available, especially power generators are what tend to overheat and part of the signage starts blacking out,” LaRocque said. “We made it through the winter limping on it and had it repaired a couple times, but they’re using parts from other signs that aren’t made for this one, so, they work sometimes and sometimes they don’t.”

“It doesn’t look good to have half of our sign out,” LaRocque added.

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