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Milk Doors of the 1950s making a high-tech comeback

CHICAGO – The old fashion milkman of over half a century ago may be long gone, but a new California product called Fresh Portal is upgrading one tool of his for the 21st century called a “milk door” in homes.

“Now we have the technology to create temperature-controlled delivery units with digital security,” said Jeremy High, CEO, and founder of Fresh Portal. “Your medicine can stay cool, or your pizza can stay hot in a sealed unit no one can touch without a unique passcode.”

Homebuilders have added the small compartments to the exterior for years, keeping various stowed perishables cool. The upgraded units by Fresh Portal can hold four full-sized paper grocery bags and once activated by a user, will give delivery people one-time access to the device through a unique code. 

Packages are then sterilized with a Far-UVC disinfection light after delivery.

The company reports the units are safe to use for anything from produce and beverages to prescriptions without worrying about potential porch pirates. Statista, a marketing and consumer data company based in Germany, projects 2.8 billion people worldwide will be using online food delivery within the next five years.

Fresh Portal is making the units available to a select group of homebuilders who lead design trends. The units will be on display at the International Builders Show in February, but innovative builders who want to install them now can contact High through the FreshPortal.us website.

“Milk doors went away in the mid-1900s with the advent of big grocery stores,” says High. “It is exciting to work with home builders who see the advantages of protecting deliveries for people who want safe options for home delivery and farm-to-table.”

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