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Olivet Nazarene leaves students in limbo while NBA, D1 Schools shut down due to COVID-19

While the Midwest and greater United States continue to slow to a crawl due to Coronavirus, as of Thursday morning, Olivet Nazarene University had failed to issue any updated response to its community.

Students away on Spring Break let it be known by Twitter, they were not happy. The University has yet to update its official COVID-19 Emergency Management Page since last Thursday. Spring Break started for Olivet Students last Saturday and ends March 15th.

One student suggested administrators were all but ignoring the problem:

While others asked why there hasn’t been any news on classes.

Ryan Gravenberg, a freshman football player at the University currently in California, let it be known he is one of many stressing over the lack of communication from school officials.

After all, any communication is better than no communication…right?

You, along with many of Olivet’s students, can follow eventual news on possible cancellations on Olivet’s dedicated COVID-19 response page here.


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