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Shapiro Concerns addressed tonight by Kankakee Mayor Wells-Armstrong

Kankakee Mayor Wells-Armstrong addresses Shapiro Concerns

Kankakee Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong announced tonight via Facebook Live she is drafting a letter to address concerns at Shapiro Developmental Center. Shapiro, as of Tuesday night, is host to 12 of the County’s 47 cases of COVID-19.

“I actually worked there many years ago and I want you all to know I have heard your concerns.” Mayor Wells-Armstrong said this evening, “I have reached out to the employees union President, and I am currently working with him right now to draft a letter that I will forward to the State Representative Lindsey Parkhurst and our State Senator Patrick Joyce in an effort to raise awareness regarding your issues and concerns. 

The statement came a little over an hour after CBS 2 News in Chicago ran a special report on Shapiro.  Country Herald first reported the Shapiro issue on Monday.

We’ve reached out to representatives for Rep. Parkhurst and Sen. Joyce for a comment.

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