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New Lenox Fire Prot. District Fire Chief Completes Chief Fire Officer Designation Process

(May 20, 2019) – New Lenox Fire Protection District’s Chief Adam Riegel has successfully completed the process that awards him the professional designation of Chief Fire Officer.

On Thursday, May 16, Chief Riegel accepted his Chief Fire Officer certification in Peoria, Illinois, at the Illinois Fire Chief’s Association Symposium.  The Chief Fire Officer Certification is the highest level of certification awarded by the State of Illinois.

From January to December of 2018, Chief Riegel attended classes for the Chief Fire Officer Program. The program is designed and intended for Command level officers and/or Administrators who have the responsibilities of supervising and administrating a Fire Department or Fire District.

“The Chief Fire Officer program by the Illinois Fire Chief’s Association and the Office of the State Fire Marshal is a great program that is designed to challenge you and develop you professionally,” stated Chief Riegel. “The knowledge I have gained, and connections made during this program is something that will be invaluable during my career.”

A Chief Fire Officer is an individual who has administrative responsibilities, with the authority to affect practices, policies and procedures of the department and directly reports to the Fire Chief.

Chief Riegel was also recognized for his outstanding work ethic and his commitment to continuous education to better enhance the lives of the New Lenox community during the New Lenox Fire Protection District’s Board of Trustees meeting on May 20th.

“The Board of Trustees is extremely proud of Chief Riegel’s accomplishments,” said Joe Levey, Vice President of the NLFPD Board of Trustees. “His dedication and commitment to the safety and well-being of both the residents of our Fire District and the men and women who serve and protect them is exemplary. He continues to lead by example and strives to move the New Lenox Fire Protection District in the right direction. He along with all of our staff, firefighters, paramedics, and community partners, make New Lenox Township a safer place to be.”

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