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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Wilmington Police Department creates the #WilmingtonChalkChallenge for kids

Wilmington Police Department announced this past week they have coordinated  the “What Makes Me Happy” sidewalk chalk art contest. 

The goal of the contest is the get some fresh air, wave at neighbors and help spread cheer by participating in the first annual contest.  Categories will be judged by “Best Police Car” “Best Positive/Inspiring message” and “Best Wildcat.”  The theme of the contest is anything that makes you happy.

Winners will receive a gift certificate from the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.  Looking for some chalk to participate?  Contact Trisha at 815-476-2813 or email thoppenrath@wilmington-il.com and they’ll deliver to your door!

Be sure to tag your creations on social media as #WilmingtonChalkChallenge and tag the Wilmington Police Department in your photos of chalk art to be entered to win!

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