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Women in Illinois House Request Governor Re-Open State Parks and Trails amid COVID-19

Kankakee, IL – Republican women serving in the Illinois House of Representatives sent a letter to Governor JB Pritzker and Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Director Colleen Callahan requesting the Governor re-open State Parks and trails closed since the March 20th stay at home order.

State Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst (R – Kankakee) signed on to the letter to the Governor and Director. “Constituents across the state are asking to reopen our state parks. It seems counterintuitive to promote healthy, outdoor activity while social distancing and not allow Illinoisans to enjoy the treasures of our state parks. ”

Calling our State Parks and trails the “original destinations for Illinoisans to social distance, exercise and engage in recreational opportunities that improve their wellbeing,” the female legislators are hopeful their plea will not fall on deaf ears in the Governor’s office.

The House members emphasized State Conservation Police Officers are already on duty to protect Park and trail safety, and the letter went on to suggest, “since Illinois’ was the nation’s first State Park system to fully close, we are certain the leadership can also be the first to re-open with proper social distancing guidelines put in place and executed effectively.”

State parks and trails in several surrounding states are not off-limits during their states’ Stay Home Orders, allowing their residents to enjoy preserved natural resources while still abiding by proper social distancing guidelines. A copy of the letter can be found here.

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