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62% of COVID-19 deaths in Illinois come outside of Chicago, per Monday

Chicago topped 1,000 deaths from COVID-19 on Monday, 38% of all COVID deaths in Illinois

Chicago has topped 1,000 deaths in the City due to COVID-19 on Sunday. Mayor Lori Lightfoot shared the grim report with reporters during a conference call Monday afternoon.

The announcement comes just a day after Governor Pritzker called on local police departments across the state to break up parties and large gatherings.

“We need local government and local police to make sure that people are following these rules,” Pritzker said. “We need the public to comply with the stay-at-home rule because that is how we’ve been defeating coronavirus.”

As of Sunday, there had been 2,618 deaths in the State of Illinois.  Chicago is now accountable for 38% of those deaths as of Monday afternoon.

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