Amazon Fulfillment Center worker dies of COVID-19 in Illinois


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An Illinois Amazon worker has died of COVID-19.

The worker was stationed at the Amazon Fulfillment Center known as WDW8 in Waukegan.  Waukegan has been a hotspot for COVID-19 cases, with 1,378 cases in the Waukegan zip as of Friday.

The company says the man was a night shift associate hired in September 2019.  He was last at the facility on March 19th, just two days prior to the original stay-at-home order put in place on March 21st.  The worker was diagnosed on March 24th and died April 18th from COVID-19 complications.

Three other Amazon workers have died now from COVID-19 complications at other facilities across the United States, including facilities located across in New York and California respectively.

The company has yet to release a list of a number of its employees that have tested positive for the Virus.  So far, employees have been alerted via text message by Amazon when a case tests positive. 

In March, Amazon confirmed at least one of its Joliet workers had tested positive for the Virus.  Since that time, additional employees have tested positive at the location according to an Amazon spokeswoman.


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